How My Sisters’ Place creates change…

Each year, MSP reaches 15,000 individuals in Westchester through services, outreach, and education. 

Our impact is measured in the lives we change, systems we improve, and communities we rally to the cause of ending domestic violence and human trafficking.

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At MSP, we recognize that there is no “quick fix” to the challenges faced by survivors, and we take a client-centered approach by offering a range of services to support our clients as they recover from abuse and move on with their lives. We strive to evaluate the success of our programs by identifying the ways in which program activities have brought about change in participant’s knowledge, attitude, skill, behavior, or expectation.

Program evaluation centers the client’s voice in the development of our work. While it is ultimately the survivor who defines their own success, it is vital that we hear directly from those who engage with our services to fully understand the impact and efficacy of our work. We solicit client feedback to ensure that we are meeting their goals, remaining respectful of the fact that it is ultimately the survivor’s choice to take any particular course of action. We measure the numbers of students and professionals reached through our education and training activities and solicit detailed feedback on the impact of our work.

Results of our evaluative work feed our ongoing program design, improving the responsiveness and effectiveness of MSP’s work with survivors and their families, and the wider community that we serve.