The MSP Training Program works throughout Westchester County to increase awareness of and responses to intimate partner abuse and human trafficking.  By helping others identify victims and change perspectives on victims’ circumstances and their safety, we work to improve our agency’s own response as well as community responses to intimate partner abuse and human trafficking.

Our program provides an array of free, informative, skill-enhancing trainings in-house to MSP staff and volunteers, to outside service professionals, to government- and community-based organizations, and to community groups.  Examples of existing training topics include: Intimate Partner Abuse 101; Working with Victims of Intimate Partner Abuse; Children and Intimate Partner Abuse; Faith Responses to Intimate Partner Abuse; Stalking and Technology Safety; Intimate Partner Abuse in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Communities; to name a few.

In addition, training staff work closely with organizations and groups requesting training to tailor our offerings to groups’ interests, setting, training participants’ skill sets, and roles.  We can also be called in after an incident has occurred as part of an organization or community’s response.

What we offer:

  • Free trainings for social service, mental health, law enforcement, criminal justice, government, first responders, education, faith leaders, and other professionals.
  • Trainings that are highly interactive and cover an overview/review of the dynamics of domestic violence; red flags or warning signs of abuse and things to be looking for; practical techniques to use to help a friend, colleague, or client; a review of MSP’s services and referral processes
  • Trainings that bolster MSP staff and volunteer knowledge and skill sets.

Did you know?

  • All MSP Training Program staff are equipped to provide information and support for any training participant who identifies as a victim or survivor of intimate partner abuse and human trafficking.
  • Training enhances collaboration between intimate partner abuse advocates and helping professionals across disciplines, which translates into better outcomes for victims and our communities.

Please call us today to schedule a training; help prevent incidences of harm before they happen.  For more information, please contact Kymberly McNair, Coordinator of Community Education and Engagement, at or call (914) 358-0333.