Welcome to the My Sisters’ Place Employee Giving Center. Here you’ll find resources to help you create successful awareness fundraising campaigns to rally your colleagues in support of My Sisters’ Place. With your leadership, we’ll continue to make real progress toward our goal of ending Intimate Partner Violence (DV) and Human Trafficking (HT).

The most effective employee giving campaigns share these traits:

They’re personal.

Explain to your colleagues why you’ve chosen to support My Sisters’ Place. Of course, don’t feel compelled to provide more information than you’re comfortable sharing, but the greater your emotional appeal, the more successful your fundraising campaign will be.

They demonstrate impact.

Arm yourself with the facts about domestic violence and human trafficking.  Explain exactly how My Sisters’ Place is working to spread awareness to educate the public about DV and HT. Please refer to our detailed web page:  http://mspny.org/advocacy-social-change/

They’re urgent.

To move your colleagues to take action, set a goal and create a deadline to reach it. As you move toward achieving your goal, you’ll generate a sense of urgency that will help convince people to join you. Be sure to update your colleagues on your progress to show them that others are rallying to the cause as well.

They’re fun.

While domestic violence and human trafficking are serious issues, you can inject some fun into your fundraising effort. Host events, offer incentives, and rally your co-workers with enthusiasm and encouragement.

They have “surround sound.”

Use all the channels available to reach out to your colleagues. Send them an email (we have provided some suggested language, but feel free to use language that resonates with you), post on Facebook and Twitter, put up posters in the break room (we can provide) — think of all the places your colleagues receive information, and meet them where they are. Of course, always make sure your fundraising efforts comply with your company’s policies.

Thanks for being such a dedicated supporter of My Sisters’ Place. If you have questions about ways we can help support you in your employee giving program, please contact Cheryl Greenberg, Chief Development Officer at 914-683-1333, x. 129 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required.

For more materials to support your campaign, please find our toolkit below:

•Suggested email language


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