“Children should be seen, and heard, and believed” – Unknown

When children are exposed to the trauma of family violence in the home, it can often have a significant impact on their schoolwork, their social interactions, their behavior and their self-esteem.  At MSP, we admire each child’s resiliency and strengths.  We value and acknowledge each child’s thoughts and feelings, and through individual and group counseling, a trusting relationship can form that engages children and promotes personal expression through discussion, art activities and play.  We offer a safe space for children ages 4-17 to express and explore their feelings surrounding this abuse.  Children’s social and behavioral skills are reinforced through various creative art projects and play.  Our program provides brief individual and group counseling services.  Staff members also work closely with the child’s non-abusing caregiver and other relevant service providers involved with the family in order to provide information on how children can be impacted, and to create well rounded, consistent support and advocacy to successfully meet each child’s individual needs.

life skills & Robbie's room

Life skills at Robbie’s Room

What We Offer:

  • Short term individual counseling for children ages 4-17 (depending on verbal ability, we may be able to serve children younger than age 4).
  • “Robbie’s Room”—two arts-based therapeutic groups for children ages 4-8 and 9-12 which explores age appropriate topics such as: defining and understanding healthy relationships with adults and other children, the importance of expressing feelings, and healthy ways of responding to conflict.  The group encourages each child to embrace their individuality and creativity, as well as relate to other children who may share similar experiences.
  • Parenting support and school-based advocacy.

Did You Know?

  • Children who witness abuse may display behaviors such as acting out or withdrawing, excessive attention seeking, bedwetting, and nightmares, to name a few.
  • “Robbie’s Room” was developed and named in memory of child who was impacted significantly by abuse in his home.
  • In 2017, the Children’s Program provided services to over 130 children

For more information, please send email to: email hidden; JavaScript is required or call (914) 358-0333.