The MSP Family is full of passionate, creative, and motivated people that are working hard to bring positive change to our community. We’d like to spotlight the founder of Endless Voice Productions, Sheryl Hatwood, and the incredible work she is doing to address domestic violence.

Sheryl was born in Jamaica, raised in Canada, and now lives in Westchester County where she is a wife, mother, and artist. She founded Endless Voice Productions to give a platform to the voice to those who have been silenced. Sheryl says “We see every platform we are given as a responsibility to build, awake, and inspire others”.

Sheryl Hatwood8 - photo credit Daren Watson

As a survivor of domestic violence and child molestation, Sheryl understands the experience of having her voice silenced. For many years after these experiences she was weighed down by shame. It was through art that she was finally able to begin the healing process and see herself as a survivor. Through writing music, poetry, and her play, “The Wounded Soul”, she was able to give a voice to her pain. Sheryl has said that she created Endless Voice Productions to “give a platform to voices which may have been silenced and for EVP audiences to see themselves as survivors, not victims.”

In 2017 she debuted her theatrical production, “The Wounded Soul” which explored the experience of a survivor of domestic violence and child abuse as she retrospectively looks at her life and begins to understand the shame she is experiencing. As audiences resonated deeply with the play and began to share their experiences with Sheryl, it became clear there is a continued need to raise awareness not only about domestic violence, but also about organizations that are available to support survivors in their healing process.

On September 22nd 2018 Sheryl held a wine-tasting event in Rye, NY to raise awareness about domestic violence, various forms of abuse, and resources available to survivors while also raising funds for My Sisters’ Place. “I want to contribute to solutions. I hope that when someone is awakened to the experience they are having through my work, that they are also armed with information which will propel them towards the process of healing.”

The Wounded Soul is set to show again October 4 -6, 2018 at The American Theatre of Actors in the Jon Cullum Theatre in Manhattan, New York.