When a family must leave an abusive home and seek refuge at one of MSP’s Emergency Shelter, the transition can be very difficult and overwhelming.  Through compassionate individual and group counseling, our Residential Counseling Program helps to welcome and gently prepare each individual who comes through our doors for what to expect during their stay in shelter. MSP recently added this supportive, therapeutic program in our two shelters to help address pervasive trauma-related symptoms that the adults and children often experience.  MSP employs Master’s level counselors for this program, with degrees in clinical fields of study such as social work and mental health counseling, as well as Master’s interns, to provide more direct and intensive therapeutic intervention to adult and child shelter residents.

The MSP Residential Counseling Program seeks to provide a safe space in which adults and children can explore their feelings, make choices and feel empowered to live a life free from abuse.   By focusing on the client’s strengths and educating them on the cycle of abuse, we hope to give each person the information and tools to live safer, happier lives.

What we offer:

  • Strengths-based trauma informed counseling services
  • Individual, family, and group counseling to all clients who are interested in engaging in services.
  • In addition to the expressive therapy based Children and Adult groups, the program provides the opportunity to strengthen the parent-child relationship by offering parenting groups and Mommy & Me groups, which focus on child development and positive interactions.

For more information, please call 914-683-1333