My Sisters’ Place (MSP) established the Legal Center in 1997 to respond to our clients’ urgent need for specialized, high-quality legal services.  The mission of the Legal Center is to provide victims of domestic violence and human trafficking greater access to legal protections and remedies crucial to their survival and safety.  The Legal Center’s attorneys, together with other MSP staff, also act as legislative advocates and legal educators with regard to the laws and regulations applicable to these victims.

MSP’s Center for Legal Services (CLS) provides information, referrals, advice, counsel, and direct representation in family law, immigration and human trafficking cases.  Our attorneys work on matters relating to custody and visitation rights, orders of protection, child support, immigration relief under the Violence Against Women Act (such as obtaining T and U visas).  In addition, our lay legal advocacy program, Sisters in Law, recruits and trains volunteers to provide translation, advocacy and support services during court appearances and other interactions with government agencies.  As part of a full-service agency, CLS partners with all MSP programs, allowing clients easy and quick access to emergency shelter, counseling and children’s services.

MSP attorneys provide specialized legal services on immigration, family law, and trafficking matters to thousands of victims and their children, making MSP the leading source of expertise in the region.  At all times, MSP staff holds victim safety at the center of its services, engaging in comprehensive safety planning with clients throughout their involvement with the organization with a goal that the tools the clients receive through that planning will continue to serve them after the direct involvement ends.  MSP staff provides information about available options and empower the clients to decide which legal strategies to follow, whether to accept counseling and how best to keep themselves safe.

What We Offer

  1. Family Law Services
  2. Immigration Services
  3. Human trafficking Services
  4. Impact Litigation Services

Did you know that:

  • MSP’s Center for Legal Services provides free legal services to anyone who is a victim of domestic violence or human trafficking and qualifies for our services.
  • In the past year, the Center for Legal Services provided quality legal representation to over 1000 clients.

For more information, please contact My Sisters’ Place legal services at (914) 683-1333 and ask to schedule a consultation. Childcare is provided in the Yonkers office.  For more information about childcare.

Consultation Process

The consultation is typically the first point of contact between the potential client and the Center for Legal Services (CLS). This process allows us to assess the nature of the client’s legal issues and provide immediate legal advice, brief services, and referrals. Legal advice often includes an assessment of the caller’s potential legal remedies, suggestions for collecting and preserving evidence, and directions on how to file various court papers without an attorney. Cases that need to be referred to one of our attorneys for direct representation and cases that contain potential appellate issues are directed to the Center’s Chief Legal Officer and Managing Attorney.

To access MSP’s Legal Services, please call (914) 683-1333 and ask for a legal consultation.