My Sisters’ Place is committed to working with the community to change the perceptions of domestic violence and human trafficking. Activism is a key component to achieve this goal and to ensure healthy relationships for all. Please visit our volunteer page for more ways to get involved with our efforts.

Partners and Collaborators:

A Call to Men and The Nepperhan Community Center

Community Engagement

Community Presentations
MSP staff and board members are available for presentations, corporate Lunch & Learns and often serve as subject experts and guest speakers for events in order to provide information about intimate partner violence, human trafficking and MSP service offerings. For more information or to customize a presentation, please contact Cheryl Greenberg, Chief Development Officer at email hidden; JavaScript is required.
Community Training Program

My Sisters’ Place (MSP) provides individualized training and technical assistance to diverse audiences, including service providers, government agencies, community groups, educational settings, and faith based organizations that may be working with victims of intimate partner violence and their children.  Trainings aim to help participants develop a deeper understanding of the dynamics and consequences of violence within the family and thus create a better systemic response for survivors.  Our trainers work diligently to prevent further violence in our communities.

Workshops are highly interactive. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Intimate Partner Abuse 101
  • Working with Victims of Intimate Partner Abuse
  • Children and Intimate Partner Abuse
  • Faith Responses to Intimate Partner Abuse
  • Stalking and Technology Safety
  • Intimate Partner Abuse in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Communities

To schedule training, contact email hidden; JavaScript is required or call (914) 683-1333.

Operation Safety Program

The Operation Safety Program educates professional and allied healthcare providers and students about the dynamics of domestic violence by offering specifically tailored presentations about intimate partner violence and related topics.  These workshops provide the tools needed to effectively screen and identify patients who may be victims of domestic violence, and support victims who may need a safety plan or other resources.

Trainings offer a reasonable, workable model for provider involvement by discussing methods of assessing injuries, interviewing techniques, documentation, and responding to victims who may present concerns in the health care setting.

Participants learn how to respond to patients’ complaints of ambiguous symptoms, recurrent illness and unexplained somatic events, and how to appropriately intervene in a sensitive, non-judgmental manner to give patients the resources and information necessary for achieving safety.

To schedule training with MSP’s Operation Safety Program, email hidden; JavaScript is required or call us at (914) 683-1333.

Public Service Announcement Campaign

Through extensive community education, including our Public Service Announcement (PSA) materials, we challenge public perceptions of intimate partner violence and the social inequities that give rise to it.

We need your help to ensure that we reach all our communities with vital information. Thousands of women, men and children are affected each year and we hope you can support our mission by keeping our hot-line number and PSA displayed. To be added to the mailing list or to start your own campaign please contact, email hidden; JavaScript is required



Project Team On!

Engaging Men & Boys with this pilot program has brought our prevention education experts into New Rochelle and Mount Vernon high school athletic departments to educate and empower male student athletes and coaches.

With the help of partners like Dr. Jim Bostic,  Stop & Shop and Newman’s Own, students, parents and educators are becoming better informed and developing the awareness and skills they need to make healthy choices.

Policy & Legislative Advocacy
My Sisters’ Place is committed to spreading awareness and advancing key legislation by working with New York State legislators and local government officials to create policy that recognizes victims and abuse as an important agenda item.  Our presence in the community by providing education and training.